Neon Hitch is a a British female singer. She was discovered on MySpace by Benny Blanco who flew her to New York City to work with him. Their work together earned her a music publishing deal with EMI and a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. She is currently recording her debut album, Beg, Borrow, and Steal.


Childhood and youth:Edit

Hitch was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom on May 25, 1986 before she moved to the countryside east of London. Her father is a lighting technician. When her house burnt down her mother bought a caravan to live in. They then earned money by making and selling jewelry and clothes around Europe. Hitch is a trained trapeze artist, stilt walker and fire swinger having performed across Europe. Her family was featured in a BBC documentary that focused on families living in caravans. When Hitch was 16 years old she moved to India for a few years before moving settling back in London to start her music career.